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Say goodbye to average workouts. This is a regiment designed to unleash your full potential in the wild.


Our programs are fine-tuned to boost endurance, build strength, and ramp up agility - all essential for bagging that prized game. Led by top trainers and backed by a tight-knit community, we're here to push boundaries and smash goals.


Ready to transform your hunt? SIGN UP TODAY.



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Perfect for Beginners

A proven, FREE, four-week program designed to make your fitness routine a permanent fixture in your life. 

It focuses on stabilizing your knees, hips, back and shoulders - all while moving your muscles through a wide range of motion.

NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. Just desire to make a permanent change that will improve your hunts.


"Train To Hunt has been life-changing for me. I struggled with consistency due to career and family responsibilities. Kenton's feedback to "put some hustle in my muscle", inspired me to focus on functional fitness instead of just lifting weights. TTH not only improved my fitness, but also introduced me to lifelong friends in a supportive community. I owe Kenton and TTH a lot."
Willi Schmidt, Host of Pure Hunting

Willi Schmidt, Host of Pure Hunting


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Train to hunt

Train to Hunt was built for hunters by hunters. 

Born out of our own personal trials, we understand the challenges hunting and fitness create. We heard enough stories about the ambitious sportsmen and women, unable to land the trophy of a lifetime due to lack of physical preparation.


So we decided to do something about it.

Whether it's the mountains of the backcountry - or the mountains of your everyday life, master them. 

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