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Kenton Clairmont

Head Trainer/CEO

Kenton started Train To Hunt in 2010 because he recognized a need to help everyday people

prepare for the physical and mental demands of all types of hunts. He also recognized that

people have different goals and that hunts have various demands. Having confidence in ones

ability is critical. Recognizing that hunting is just like any other sport with specific physical and

mental demands, he coined the phrase “Hunters Are Athletes” and should be trained as such.

“The art of training any athlete is meeting that athlete where they are and slowly progressing

them to where they want to be. As they put in the work, their confidence grows which is nothing

more than trust in ones abilities; ability to know what they are capable of.”

Kenton’s 20 years of experience has given him the opportunity to train people from all walks of

life, in all stages of life, with all kinds of self- limitations. He has helped thousands of people

change their perspective on what they are capable of through physical fitness.

“When people look at themselves through a particular lens for so long, it takes time to change

that optic, and I believe that there is no better way to help people gain self confidence than to

challenge them with tasks they are ready for.”

On top of being a five sport athlete in high school, a college athlete, and former professional

baseball player, Kenton is National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement

Specialist, has a BS in Kinesiology, and Masters in Physical Education. He has been on some

of the worlds toughest hunts, and has lived the hunting lifestyle his entire life. He is a wealth of

knowledge, not just in the fitness arena, but all areas of mountain pursuits.

When he is not training, or in the field, he is a volunteer coach for his kids sport teams, mentors

and trains high school athletes in speed, agility, and sport specific strength. He is a student of

leadership, and loves spending time with his family in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

Kenton Clairmont
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