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Caleb Mathewson


Caleb resides in Colorado and boasts multiple fitness credentials, including being a certified personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His diverse interests span from being a fly fishing guide, hunter, to ultramarathons. Throughout his life, Caleb has explored various fitness pursuits: competing in college cross country and track, Crossfit, and ultramarathons. However, his true passion lies in preparing individuals for hunting, fishing, and outdoor pursuits. Caleb firmly believes that the combination of outdoor activities and fitness is exceptionally beneficial for everyone's well-being.

Apart from dedicating time to training and honing his archery skills for hunting season, Caleb cherishes moments spent with his wife and two kids. Additionally, he enjoys indulging in fly fishing excursions along Colorado's local streams, where he seeks out wild and native fish.

Caleb Mathewson
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