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Want to get paid for doing what you love?

Join the TTH Ambassador Program and get paid to showcase your love of the outdoors.

Step 1: Become a member - all it takes is signing up for our free trial (Bronze Package), or any other package.
Step 2: Once a member, you will see a button appear at the the bottom of the website.
Step 3: Click the button, fill out your info, and start sharing your link to earn commission.

Step 1: Input your info into the TTH Ambassador Portal.

    Sign up to become a Train to Hunt Ambassador.

    Join a community dedicated to mastering outdoor pursuits.

    Purchase a program to prepare yourself for success on any terrain.

Sign up to become a Train to Hunt Ambassador by inputting your information into the TTH Ambassador Portal. This marks the start of your journey towards enhancing your own outdoor skills but also becoming an integral part of the Train to Hunt community.

Train to Hunt empowers individuals to excel in the wilderness through expert-designed fitness programs tailored to the rugged terrain, ensuring ambassadors are equipped with both physical prowess and mental fortitude to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Step 2: Receive your unique ambassador link.

    ​Receive your unique ambassador link when you sign up.

    Utilize your link to share the Train to Hunt experience and earn rewards.

    Connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and inspire others to Train To Hunt.

When you sign up as a Train to Hunt Ambassador, you'll receive your unique ambassador link.

This link serves as your gateway to sharing the Train to Hunt experience with others while earning commission for your efforts. As a Train to Hunt Ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to connect with your community, share your passion for the outdoors, and inspire others to get in shape to conquer the rigors of hunting on any terrain.

Step 3: Share your link. Get paid when anybody purchases a plan or merch from

    Track your ambassador performance using the Train To Hunt Ambassador Portal

    Earn commission whenever someone purchases a plan or merchandise from using your link.

    Contribute to the growth of the Train to Hunt community while benefiting financially from your efforts.

Use your voice to share your unique ambassador link on social media, with friends, family, everywhere.

Every share becomes an opportunity to introduce others to the Train to Hunt lifestyle and earn commissions for yourself. By spreading the word about Train to Hunt and its expert-designed fitness programs and merchandise, you not only contribute to the growth of the community but also benefit financially whenever someone makes a purchase through your link on

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