All hunters alike want to hunt harder, longer, and farther. Fitness is the only piece of equipment that you can make better or worse. The team at Train To Hunt wants to extend wellness and longevity as well as improve performance for hunters. The workouts  are a launching pad for serious outdoor enthusiast who want to learn the best way to be fit for their sport. Athletes hunt, and we have the formula to make you a better mountain athlete.


Whether you are getting ready for a big hunt, what to get stronger, more mobile, shed a few pounds, or just avoid injury we have the tailored training programs perfect for you.

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Troy Pearson
Troy Pearson
Troy graduated from the University Of Arizona with a degree in Exercise Science
and is a USA Cycling Certified Coach and a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach.
Troy has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and has helped a
variety of clients meet their fitness and competition goals.
Tyler Hoelzen
Tyler Hoelzen
Tyler is from Minden, Nevada and has been a trainer for 3 years. A former D1 pitcher at Sacramento State University, Tyler wanted to combine his passion for fitness and training with his passion for hunting and the outdoors. Tyler has 5 plus years of strength and conditioning training at a high level. His philosophy as a trainer is to build a firm, strong core base of strength in the hips, shoulders and core before adding weight.
Kyle Hollenbeck
Kyle Hollenbeck
Kyle is a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) and is surrounded with other like-minded individuals who train with a purpose. Kyle’s programs integrate speed, agility, power, strength and conditioning. Kyle is also a certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, which affords him the opportunity to provide nutrition consultations and nutritional habits that help his clients develop a better understanding of their relationship with the food that they eat.
Bill Koepke
Bill Koepke
Growing up in an outdoor family in central Wisconsin exposed William to many forms of hunting and outdoor recreation. William combines an education in sports medicine and a background of 10 years in strength and conditioning to create programming and workouts to better increase an individual’s physical capacity, flexibility, and endurance. William’s methodology for training the outdoor athlete or hunter is to focus on building a solid foundation.


Get personalized one on one coaching from our certified personal trainers specifically trained to get you ready for the hunting season. Pick your favorite personal trainer that will offer consultation, accountability, nutrition guidance and goal setting.


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