Train to Hunt Podcast: Episode 4

Train to Hunt Podcast: Episode 4

In this episode, Jesse and Kenton sit down with Chris Denham. They talk about the many hats that Chris wears, including, but not limited to, Wilderness Athlete, Outdoorsman, Western Hunter the magazine as well as Western Hunter the series.  He loves talking hunting and you will never guess what Chris went to college for and how he ended up in the hunting industry.
They talk training, nutrition, and how hunting has change over the last couple of decades.  Chris gives us his favorite hunting story, and he gives us some insight to where he thinks the future of hunting might look like.

“Anytime I get a chance to sit down with Chris I learn something, and this was no exception.  Thanks again to Jesse Wise for helping me host this episode, and thank you Chris for taking time to hang out with us.”
-Kenton Clairmont

Enjoy the show.

Train to Hunt Podcast
Train to Hunt Podcast: Episode 4
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