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This years National Championship is going to be the first time that we are inviting all comers to join in for a shot at the title of Train To Hunt’s National Champion! If you have never been to a Nationals Event then you are in for a true test of physical fitness and shooting under pressure.

Divisions are broke down by age, and we are bringing back the Traditional Division.

Mens and Womens Open (Ages 16-39)

Mens and Womens Masters (Ages 40-49)

Mens and Womens Super Masters (Ages 50-59)

Mens and Womens Senior Masters (Ages 60+)

Mens and Womens Traditional (No age limit, but weight is scaled according to age)

*No Team Competition this year


There will be three separate Events throughout the weekend (Event schedule TBA):

Challenge/Mountain Course– Competitors will race through a series of 4 physical challenges (TBA), 4 short run loops (Distance TBA) and 4 shots at a 3D deer target (Distance TBA).  It will conclude with a 3-4 mile trail run with a pack (pack weight will depend on your age and gender).  Competitors will have shooting stations along the trail that they will be stopping and shooting at 3D targets for score.

Meat Pack– 2 to 3 mile course.  Competitors will load a pack with weight (determined by your age and gender) and race.

Hunters 3D Course– Competitors will be put the test by having to perform accurate shots from various hunting positions, and scenarios.  It will be a 20 target course, and every shot counts!

At the end of the weekend competitors will be placed according to their total time (3D score is converted to a time value.  Few points dropped the lower the time value).

*If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact us at info@traintohunt.com.