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What to Expect

When you come to a Train To Hunt Challenge event you will soon discover that it is a supportive environment full of great staff and likeminded competitors.  Everyone there, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level are there because they love the outdoors, archery, and want to test themselves.

Equipment Rules

-Must bring your own pack
-Must bring your own pack weight (see division pack weight below)
-No scopes or magnification of any kind
-Binos and rangefinders CAN BE USED on both the challenge/MTN course and the 3D course.
-Must carry arrows in a bow quiver, or pack only.


Men’s and Women’s Open (Ages 16-39)
Men’s and Women’s Masters (Ages 40-49)
Men’s and Women’s Super Masters (Ages 50-59)
Men’s and Women’s Senior Masters (Ages 60+)
Men’s and Women’s Traditional (No Age Limits, weight to be adjusted by age)


You will be checking in between 7:00am and 8:00am at which time you will be picking up your competitor packets that contain your competition shirt, and 3D score card.

Next, you will be attending a mandatory competitor meeting where the event director will be welcoming you, giving you a layout of what the day will look like, as well as the specifics of the Challenge Course and Mountain Course.  There is plenty of time for questions and the directors will make sure that everyone is clear about what to do, when to do it, and how each event will all be scored.

You will be assigned a heat and made aware approximately what time you can expect your heat to start.  In most cases, each competitor will be assigned an assistant/judge to help guide them through the tasks of the Challenge Course, and make sure that competitors are completing the correct number of repetitions of each challenge movement to standard.

 Challenge Course / Mountain Course

The Challenge Course consists of 5-10 competitors per heat and all competitors will be required to complete the following lists of tasks for time.
Challenge Course Details

20 Over The Box Step Ups

Run (200-300 yards)
Shoot 1 arrow (Compound 30yds -Trad 15yds)
10 Burpee/Over the Box
Run (200-300 yards)
Shoot 1 arrow (Compound 30yds -Trad 15yds)
10 Sandbag Log Tosses
Run (200-300 yards)
Shoot 1 arrow (Compound 30yds -Trad 15yds)
10 Sandbag get ups/Over the Box
Run (200-300 yards)
Shoot 1 arrow (Compound 30yds -Trad 15yds)
Put Pack on and hit the MTN Course
Mountain Course Details

1-2 miles long depending on terrain.
Competitors will shoot two animal 3D targets along the way.
Targets will be around 30-40 yards for compounds and 15-20 yards for traditional archers

Scoring the Challenge/MTN Course

Run Time + Shooting Penalties = Adjusted Time

Run Time:
This is how long it takes you from start to finish to get through the Challenge Course and MTN Course.

Shooting Penalties for Challenge/MTN Course:
Heart Shot (10 ring) = No Time Penalty
Lung Shot (8 ring) = +30 seconds
Body Shot (Any foam outside 8 ring)=+1 minute
Miss = 20 burpee penalty (no time penalty)

Adjusted Time:
Official time that will be used to place competitors.


Hunters 3D Course Details
20 foam 3D animal targets

Target distance:
Compounds 3-60 yards / 30 yard average
Traditional 3-30 yards / 15 yard average

Scoring The Hunters 3D Course
Traditional 10 ring = 5 pts = no penalty
Traditional 8 ring = 3 pts= 30 second penalty
Foam outside 8 ring = 1pt= 1 minute penalty
Miss = 0 pts = 1:15 penalty
Competitors 3D scores will be converted into time format.

-1 point = :15 second time penalty

Example:  Score: 80  =  Time penalty 5:00
Overall Scoring:
Challenge Course/MTN Course + 3D Time Penalty = Total Time
Competitors will be placed according to their Total Time.