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Are you looking for a way to expand your membership base?  Looking to attract more local outdoor athletes?  This may be the opportunity that you are looking for.

Hunters are becoming aware of the benefits of physically preparing for their adventures.  Many are preparing year-round and have shown a considerable interest in training specifically for their next hunt.  With the demand rising, the most common question we get is “where can I go that offers training for hunters?”  This program is the answer to that common question.  Now people will be able to simply visit the Train To Hunt site and explore the “Find Training Near You” tab and find your gym.

Your Gym Receives

  • TTH will market your facility on the Train To Hunt Website under the “Find Affiliate Near You” tab for one calendar year.
  • TTH limited license agreement for one calendar year so you can use the Train To Hunt name to market programs you are offering at your facility.
  • Train To Hunt will market your hunting fitness classes, specials, bootcamps etc. on the TTH social media avenues.

Facebook, Instagram

-Train To Hunt banner to put in your facility.

-6 week group training program designed for a hunter fitness class.


For the first 100 facilities only…$300 annually…never to increase as long as you are an affiliate!

After the initial 100 affiliates are excepted the annual fee will increase to $500 for the next 200 affiliates.

Affiliates who apply after the 300th affiliate is excepted will be charged $1000 annually.

This is an annual marketing fee/license agreement between your facility and Train To Hunt LLC.

Interested? Fill out an application here