Foods to Fuel your Train to Hunt Challenges

What you eat before and after a Train to Hunt challenge can have a huge impact on your performance. Most of us participating in Train to Hunt are putting a lot of effort into our health. We’re tweaking our nutrition and pushing our workouts. However, it’s easy to show up to an event and let our carefully planned meals turn into whatever is easiest. The excuses are plentiful; “we’re too busy”, “it’s hard on the road”, “we’re working it off anyways.” To help all of us stay on top of our nutrition game I’ve compiled a list of food that will help competitors stay fueled during the Train to Hunt season.

Jerky- Since we are hunters hopefully some elk, deer, turkey or other wild game jerky is still left from last season, and can be an easy go-to for protein. If you’re fresh out of wild game be careful with the store bought jerky. They can be full of sugar and other less than natural ingredients. Check out The New Primal, Epic Bites, and Steve’s Paleo Jerky for some top notch protein.

Raw Nuts and Dried Fruit- I buy nuts and dried fruit from the bulk section of the grocery store and mix my favorites. Try cashews with apricots or dates with almonds for some healthy fat, protein and carbohydrates. If you’re used to a pre-made trail mix, check the ingredients to make sure you’re not consuming mostly sugar.
Boiled Eggs- They’re easy to make, easy to eat and full of healthy protein and fat.
Roasted Vegetables- I like to roast up a big batch of butternut squash and/or sweet potatoes. I put them in a container and have vitamin packed complex carbohydrates to keep me fueled for the challenge course.

Snack Bars- I’m not talking about typical “health” or granola bars that are more of a dessert than food. I encourage you to look for snack bars that have real nutrients and clean ingredients. Check out Epic Bars, Perfect Bars, and Lara Bars. These options have great ingredients and can be a quick source of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.
Protein- As a general rule I believe if you can get your nutrients from food sources your body is better off. However, at the challenges protein powder can be a great way to refuel if you’re like me and get too anxious to eat real food. As with the other foods check your ingredients and make sure you are choosing a “clean” protein with high quality ingredients. I prefer a pure whey protein without any artificial sugars or flavors.
The great part about these foods is that they aren’t just applicable for Train to Hunt challenges. These foods can be great for hiking, camping, scouting, or hunting. I am sure many of you have your go-to foods that have helped fuel your challenges.

Please comment and share your favorites with the Train to Hunt community!

Kallie Boschma
Train To Hunt Coach/Nutritionist/Competitor
2014 Women’s Open National Champion

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